The Web'ed Church: Introduction

   It's a dawning of a new era, one that was predicted years ago. Society has come to a point where cocooning is a normal way of life.  In the 1990s marketing book by Faith Popcorn, The Popcorn Report: The Future of Your Company, Your World, Your Life, Popcorn suggested that cocooning could be broken down into three different types: the socialized cocoon, in which one retreats to the privacy of one's home; the armored cocoon, in which one establishes a barrier to protect oneself from external threats; and the wandering cocoon, in which one travels with a technological barrier that serves to insulate one from the environment. Giving you the tools to break down the technological barriers is our primary objective.

    It is seen every day.  We use our electric garage doors and drive in; we have automatic sprinklers, use the drive-thru every chance we get, and pay at the pump refueling. Everywhere we go, our society is designed to get us in and out as quickly as possible. We are missing the interactions with others. And by the way, this is happening all across the globe in every industrialized nation.     As we travel down this road, the church must adapt and attempt to figure out how to reach these people. One sure-fire way people have found to withdraw is via the Internet. The Internet has created a virtual escape from reality for many people.  There are many facets of this tool the church can use to reach the lost, educate pastors, and facilitate the education of those who wish to grow closer to the Lord.     In future articles we will address three areas to help you gain insight to using the Internet for reaching people in your church, your community, and your world.  A simple and direct approach in our discussions will be to look at (1) marketing, (2) technology, and (3) terminology. By touching on each of these areas, we hope you will gain insight and knowledge in using the valuable tool of the Internet in your ministry.


    Marketing may be a dirty word in church circles, but it is a very important component of any successful venture.  Many people tend to lump together the two terms "marketing" and "sales."  Say you have an ice cream stand. Telling the people of your community about your stand, operating hours, special flavors and toppings is considered marketing. The actual act of selling is when the person comes to your stand and buys some ice cream.  If they can't decide on a flavor you give them a gentle hint of the better or unique flavors by giving them a little taste. That's selling. Simply put, marketing is the telling folks about what your have to offer and a sale is the exchange or the transaction.  These articles will give you insight on how to tell everyone about what matters most to you and your mission.


    Discussing the latest video games or Alaskan oil drilling techniques is not on our agenda. We will discuss all things Web.  This section will help people who wish to know the basics of things like web interface design, what kind of site to build, and whether or not to use video or audio? The intended audience will be beginners to intermediate users. We will not have advanced technology discussions.


    This section is dedicated to terms or HOT Topics that are currently being used as it relates to the Internet.  An example of a HOT Topic might be BLOGGING. A definition will be offered and some examples of how to implement these strategies into your website. We may cover more than one topic in a single article or may need to cover one topic over several articles, just for clarity.

    It is my sincere hope that these articles will bring enlightenment and wisdom for you and the people you have working on your website. I also hope that it brings God's people closer together and enriches their lives through the websites you will create for addressing their needs. 

"Go – tell it from the mountain..."