Applying Technology

This Category provides ideas of how technology can be used in the local church and in the lives of believers. You can now syndicate items or categories to your church web site.

List of articles in category Applying Technology
Title Author
Creating Visitor Friendly Church Sites Written by Jim Cole-Rous
Economic Realities And Electronic-Mediated Instruction in Africa Written by Chuck Wilson
How People of Faith Are Using Computers and the Internet Written by Vlach, Michael J.
How to Podcast Written by Peter Dell
How to Video Podcast Written by Peter Dell
Media Convergence Written by Sarah McDonald
Publishing a Podcast Written by Peter Dell
Syndicate Dr. Charles Harris 'Why Read Your Bible' Written by Jim Cole-Rous
Syndicating GCC Missions page to your site Written by Jim Cole-Rous
The Web'ed Church: Everyone Loves Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Don't They? Written by Mick Grady
The Web'ed Church: Introduction Written by Mick Grady