List of articles in category Seniors
Title Author
A Legacy of Love Written by Naegele, Robert O., Jr. and Ellis
A Message for Those Sixty Years Old Written by John Heide
A Place at the Table Written by Stanley, Charles
Aging Helpfully Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
Aging Is Not a Curse Written by Barbara Lighthizer
Ain't Nothin Sweeter Written by Ronda Knuth
An Altered Standard for Gossip Written by Barbara Lighthizer
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Written by Laura Petherbridge
Better Than Answers Written by Exley, Richard
Christ is Alive Written by Graham, Billy
Differences Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
Do We Care Enough? Written by Barbara Lighthizer
Enduring Strength Through Christ Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
Facebook - Friend or Foe ? Written by Laura Petherbridge
Fellowship and Forgiveness Written by Reuben J. Sequeira
Franny - Catch some Courage Written by Ronda Knuth
Fulfilling a Dream Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
Georgia's Song Written by Ronda Knuth
Glorifying God in Life and Death Written by Jim Cole-Rous,
God - Still the Same Written by Smolchuck, Fred
How Does God Define Wealth? Written by Stanley, Charles
How to Face Your Future Written by Warren, Rick
How to Guide a Conversation Toward Jesus Written by Bright, Bill
How You Can Comfort a Dying Loved One Written by Mary J. Yerkes
I Hurt Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
I'm Not Going to Live Forever Written by Ronda Knuth
Is It Time for You to Take a Nap? Written by Warren, Rick
It All Starts With God Written by Warren, Rick
Life to Come Written by Gwen Miller
Life Worth Living Written by Gwen Miller
Little is Much Written by Ronda Knuth
Loneliness: How Can It Help Me? Written by Dennis Franck
Loving Care, Long-Distance Written by Sylvia Stewart
Make Up Your Bed and Walk! Written by Mary Beatty
Mickey Mantle: His Final Inning Written by American Tract Society
Naomi: Sowed in Suffering Written by Jennifer Rosania
People Of The Bible: Abraham Written by Stanley, Charles
People Of The Bible: Esther Written by Stanley, Charles
People Of The Bible: Joshua Written by Stanley, Charles
People Of The Bible: Moses Written by Stanley, Charles
People Of The Bible: Paul Written by Stanley, Charles
People Of The Bible: Ruth Written by Stanley, Charles
Sharing Your Story Written by Crystal Ortmann
Signposts for Seniors Written by Sylvia Stewart
Still Flexible? Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
The Challenge Written by Stanley, Charles
The Power of Jesus Affecting Salvation Written by Tom Wheeler
Unexpected Grace Written by Ronda Knuth
Watch out for Wolves! Written by Howard W. Stevens
What Is Life All About? Written by Lillian E. Sparks
What Profit Is Giving? Written by Stanley, Charles
When to Quit Driving Written by Crystal Ortmann
Why God Speaks More to Senior Adults Than Anyone Else! Written by John Heide
Witness Without Fear Written by Bright, Bill