You Have Value

As you travel on the journey of life, do you feel that you are worth anything? Do you feel like you are not important? Do you feel like no one listens to you? That people are not interested in you? Do you feel like you have no value? Do you ever wonder if life has meaning?

We all struggle at times with thoughts that life is has no meaning. We believe that our lives will not make any difference in the world. We think that we are a nothing.

When you follow these thoughts, you soon become sad and without hope. Perhaps, you even think about ending your life.

These thoughts are common to almost all people. Some big movie stars, and very famous people have these thoughts. Also, farm workers and factory workers have these thoughts. So, if you have these thoughts, you are no different than these people are. Almost everyone has these thoughts.

Now, the big question I have for you is, do you know how to find meaning in you life? Where will you go for the answer? The answer is that you find someone or something that will bring meaning into your life. Money is not the answer. Many people with a lot of money still do not have meaning in their life. Famous people are sometimes sad, and very disgusted with life. So, the answer is not found in money or to be famous.

Good friends sometimes will make you happy. But, friends sometimes will make you not happy. So, you must find someone or something that is lifelong, that will last for all of your life. Well, I have good news for you. There is an answer.

God, the one who make everything wants to be your friend. He wants to bring meaning into your life. How do I know this? I know this because God brought meaning into my life. I, also, have many, many friends who had the same experience. These friends also say that God gave them a new purpose for life, and brought meaning into their life.

In order to become a friend with God you must not be bad because God is perfect. God is complete love and is a perfect judge. So, then the big question in life is how can we journey with God when we know that we are not perfect in all of our actions? The answer is: we can not. We can not walk with God because God is perfect and we are not. Each one of us acted in ways that are bad. We have all not met fallen short of God's perfection and that is called sin.

But, God loves you so much that He gave His son, His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price for your sin by dying on the cross thousands of years ago and then by bring raised from the dead on the third day. Jesus is alive today. He wants to be in relationship with you. He wants to give you true love and happiness. And God can make you perfect because only God is perfect and has that much power. Not one of us has the power to be perfect in all of our actions.

Do you really want to find a real purpose in life? Turn to Jesus Christ. He has a plan for your life and He will journey with you. If you will listen and to do what He says to do, He will guide you through life. He will give you a new life so that after death you will live with Him and never die again. You do not have to work for this life. It is free. Your best friends here on earth can not give you this life. Only God can give you this new life. However, God promises to give you this new life if you accept and follow Jesus Christ, His Son.

So, this is your decision ... and you can make a life changing decision just by asking Jesus Christ to come into your life.

Let us talk with Him this moment ...

Dear Jesus, I am tired of thinking that my life mean nothing. I am tired the belief that I do not matter to anyone. Please forgive me of my wrong actions. Please bring purpose and satisfaction into my life. I give my life to you and ask that you take control of my life now. Thank you.

OK, here is what you do now. Click on the "Yes" button on this webpage and we will get someone answer you. Please know that when you are ready, Jesus will be there to help you.

Jesus loves you!