Why Lies Hurt You

As you travel on the journey of life, you know that something cannot be right and wrong at the same time. Therefore, you must discover what the truth path is and follow that to have happiness.

Many voices try to get your attention and to tell you what to do. However, to follow the right path in life you must know which voice is right. You must also know which voice is wrong.

A common belief is that you must follow the path that makes you feel good. However, that may not always be the right path. What you feel is not always the best for you. Because, the problem when you follow your feeling you do not always feel the same. Therefore, one day you do this, the next day you do something else. Your actions change from one day to the next when you only follow your feelings.

So, the question we must ask, Is there a right path, and a wrong path?

I believe that the answer is yes!

Now, if I am right, then who makes the rules?

There is real truth. Only God has real truth. Real truth never changes. Real truth is always the same. Jesus is the son of God; therefore, Jesus is real truth. Jesus said that he is the way. Jesus says he is the truth. Jesus also says that he is the life. Jesus says that no comes to God the father, except through Jesus. The value of following truth is that truth is always the same. Truth is the same in every place. Every person faces the same truth. Truth is the same for the old person or the young person.

The Truth is that God is perfect and demands perfection from us. However, we all fail when we attempt to be perfect. The end result for failure is spiritual death. However, God wants to be our friend. God does not want us spiritually dead. He wants our friendship. Therefore, God gave Jesus, His Son, to die for us. God called Jesus his son, because God is truly his father. Jesus had no earthly father. God, his father, caused a young woman who had never been with a man to give birth to Jesus. Jesus was her first child and is the first and only person ever born of a woman in this way. Therefore, in fact, Jesus was both God and man. Since Jesus is the perfect Son of God and the perfect man, He is the perfect one ... the only one ... who can stand in your place. Moreover, this is exactly what Jesus did for us. Jesus died for us.

Over two thousand years ago, some religious leaders said bad things about Jesus. What they said was not right. However, bad men in the government agreed. Therefore, the bad government leaders put Jesus to death on a large cross make from wood. After Jesus died, they put the body of Jesus in a place for dead people. Death could not keep Jesus, however. After Jesus was dead for three days, he came back to life. Many people saw him. After that, Jesus visited with his friends and taught them many great things.

The Bible, a book that God wrote says this. The Bible tells us how to live. Moreover, what the Bible says is right because God wrote the book. It is the word of God.

Now, may I ask you a question? Do you want to continue as you are? Would you like to continue to put your hope in yourself to do better? On the other hand, would you like to put your hope in God to forgive you and change you into a good person?

If so, let us talk with Jesus right now and ask Him to change us ...

Dear Jesus, I want to please you. I am looking for the right path in life. I want to know you. Please forgive me of the bad things I have done. Help me to understand what is right and what is wrong. Help me to walk on the right path in life. I want to please you. I give my will to you. I want to act as if you want me to act. I give my life to you. Teach me how to live. Thank you.

OK, here is what you do now. Click on the "Yes" button at the side of this screen and we will get someone in contact with you.

Remember that Jesus loves you!