True Love Is Forever

I think that all of us want people to love us. We want to feel loved. When we make mistakes, we want forgiveness. We do not want conditions placed on love. In other words, we want someone to love us when we are poor, and when we have money. We want love when times are good, and we want love when times are bad.

However, for someone to love you, you must love them, also. However, when we do not give our love back to others, then others will not love us. In other words, as they say in English, "Love is a two way street." So, the truth is that love is never a one-way street. True love travels between two people. True love goes both ways. For that reason, unless love is returned, there will be a problem.

A loving person does not say, "Do only what I want or I will not love you." However, most of us demand certain conditions before we give our love. Therefore, in many ways, we do not love in the right way.

There is only one person who loves you without any conditions. His name is Jesus. See, God is perfect and wants perfection from us. However, we all have made mistakes. We have all made bad choices. God calls these acts sin. Sin means that you have not obeyed the laws of God.

The punishment for sin is death. However, this punishment is not just physical death, but also spiritual death. Therefore, this penalty is too great for us to pay! The Bible says that God demonstrated His love to us in this that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus laid down His life for us as the last act of unconditional love.

He accepts us for who we are, for what we have done, and even for what we have not done. Moreover, when Christ died for us, he promised a life that will never end.

However, now He is asking us to believe on Him. He wants us to take His love by giving to Him our emotions, our mind, soul, and our strength. He wants all of us. When we give ourselves completely over to Jesus then God fully take us unto himself. God promises us a life that will never end.

Jesus will never leave you. The Bible says that Jesus did not come into the world to pass judgment on the world but to save the world. He came to give love without any condition.

Once we experience the love of God, we must step forward quickly to take hold of it. The Bible provides a good picture of the love of God that has no demands placed on you. The Bible says, that while we were still enemies of God that God sent His Son to us to give us a life that never ends.

All you must do is accept the love of God and love God in return. If you do, you will experience the love of God. Once you have experience the love of God, you are then able to give love God back.

Now, shall we talk to God right now?

Dear God, I want you love to fill my life. Please forgive me for all the bad acts that I have done. I give my life to you and ask that you take control of my life. Show me your love. I want to serve you for now and always. Thank you.

OK, here is what you do now. Click on the "Yes" button at the side of this screen and we will get someone in contact with you. Maybe you are interested but you are not just ready to take this step towards Jesus. He will be there when you are ready.

Jesus loves you!