How To Overcome Guilt

As you travel life's journey, you are able take the road from feeling bad about the wrong you have done to forgiveness.

It is true that we all made mistakes. We all do something that makes us feel badly. Maybe we copied answers from someone on a test at school, or said something that was not true. Some of the bad things we have done may have hurt someone that we love. We know that no person has lived without failure. The result is that we feel badly about our behavior

Our bad behavior bring on feelings of shame. Our bad behavior also trouble our minds. We feel bad on the inside. Our spirit is full of pain because our bad behavior.

There are many ways to deal with our troubled feelings. We can blame other people for our behavior. We can say that we had no other choice, so we had to act badly. We can try to make our behavior look like our bad acts were not very big ones. We can try to make these acts to look small. Or, we can say that many people do some things that are much bigger than what we have done.

You want to do right. Give money to the poor, for example. Or give your blood to a sick person. You hope that your good works will take out all the bad feeling you have about yourself. You want to feel good on the inside. The truth is, however, you feel like you are unable to take out the bad feelings on the inside. You still have bad feelings about yourself. So, unless these bad feelings are taken from you there will always be pain on the inside. You may feel like you have made God angry, or you have made your family or friends angry. It may be that all the people you know will feel hurt by your acts.

You may feel like there is no hope.

I am here to tell you that there is hope! There is someone who can take away the bad feelings you have on the inside by forgiving you and set you back on your life journey with a clean feeling on the inside. That person is Jesus Christ.

It is true that we all suffer because of the bad things we do. Sometimes bad things happen to us because of our actions. When we break the law we must pay. The same is true of the laws of God. When we break the laws of God we must also pay. But how are we able to pay? We can not make our bad acts good acts. But we are able to act right with the help of God. God is able to take away our guilt. Also, if we ask God to help us, He will.

Here is the story of how God takes away our guilt:

God sent His only Son from Heaven to earth to young girl who had never been with a man to give birth to a son. She named the baby Jesus. All of his life Jesus never did anything wrong. Jesus was killed one day by some bad religious leaders because he said that he was the son of God.

The death of Jesus, however, was in the plan of God. God said that since Jesus never did anything wrong that he would accept the death of Jesus as justice for all the bad acts we have done.

So, now, when you ask God to take away your badness, God will do it. Justice has been paid for in the mind of God.

What this means to you and me is that we can take our weak ways and the blame that is on us and give this blame over to Jesus. Only Jesus is able to take away our blame and to change our spirit and minds on the inside of us. He alone can make us free!

Believe me, the shame will come back at you but you can say no to those old feelings. Once you are forgiven that grief over bad behavior becomes false grief because God no longer holds you accountable. When you allow Jesus into your heart and to take control of your life, you can become a new person. You can feel good about yourself again! You can feel the pure on the inside. Instead of feeling shame, you are able walk with self-belief that you are forgiven. When we believe in Jesus, we become good in Him. The good behavior of Christ is God's great gift to us to make us good, also.

Now, let us talk with Jesus right now and ask Him to replace your guilt with His forgiveness ...

Dear Jesus, I ask you to carry my heavy load of guilt and shame. Please forgive me for all of the bad acts I have done. Please teach me how to live right with God and in all honesty. I give my life to you and ask that you take control of my life now. Thank you.

OK, here is what you do now. Tap on the "Yes" button at the side of this screen and we will have someone to get in touch with you. Maybe you are interested but you are not just ready to take this step. Just remember that Jesus will be there when you are ready.