Is your life full of trouble? Do you struggle with worries? Do worries keep you awake at night?  If you worry most of the time, I have good news for you! You do not have to feel bad. You are able to walk in peace.

Many problems in life trouble us. The absence of money worries us. Sometimes, we worry about friends. Many times, we worry about how people will act towards us. We worry about tomorrow. We worry about the unknown. We worry about the past. Troubles in life cause most people to worry.

The problem with worry is that worry starts out small. Then, if we do not guard our thoughts these worries grow into fear. We must stop thoughts that are full of fear while they are small. Unless we stop small worries these worries may grow into doubt. After fear and doubt grow, bigger worries will push happiness out of our life.

To think about problems will never change the problem. Life is like that. The truth is that we are not able to change some problems. Some problems are too big to change. Therefore, the important question is, ‘How do we change our troubled thoughts?"

Think about this. Some person is bad to you. Perhaps, the bad person is your boss. You know you are a good worker.  The boss does not like you. You work harder. The boss still does not like you. You begin to think you may lose your job. You have a family. Your children are in school. You have rent to pay. Your family needs you. You have medical bills to pay. So, you worry, and worry, and worry. You cannot stop the worry.

You become very angry. You want to fight back. However, you cannot fight back. You are afraid that you may lose your job. You can do nothing. How do you get over these worries? You look for answers. Where do we go for answers? Where can you find peace? You ask is there someone to help me? Is there someone to give me an answer? Is there someone to bring peace?

Everyone knows that life is better when someone strong walks through bad times with us. Life has less trouble when we have someone to journey with us. We have less pain when we have a strong friend to walk with us.

However, does anyone know a friend that is able to journey with us all the time? Is there someone to walk with us through all kinds of trouble?

The answer is, ‘Yes!' there is a friend. His name is Jesus.

Please, give me your attention, while I tell you about Jesus.

At the start of time, God made everything. However, he did not make Jesus. Jesus existed as the son of God before God made anything. Jesus was with God when God made everything from nothing. However, after God made the world people became very bad. God wanted to help people to become good again. To help people become good people, God sent Jesus to this world.

This is how God sent Jesus to help us. God by his great power caused a young woman that had never had a man to become a mother. Mary was the name of the young mother. Mary gave birth to a son. God said to give the son the name of Jesus. Jesus was the son of God that God sent to this world. The name Jesus means a person that is able to save people.

Jesus was perfect in every way. All the days of his life, Jesus never did anything wrong. Jesus obeyed all the laws of God. Therefore, we know that Jesus pleased God. God wanted us to see what kind of life pleases Him. Now, we know that to please God we must follow the example of Jesus. This is the way we please God. 

However, what do we do when we break the laws of God? How do we get back into a good position with God? Is there someone who can save us from judgment? We find the answer in a book God wrote. The name of this book is the Bible. The Bible says, God loved the people of this world so much that he gave to us his only Son that was born on earth, so that everyone that believes in Jesus will have new life that will never end and live in perfect peace with God." (John 3:16)

Therefore, God gave Jesus as an example of how to live. God also gave a new life that will never end to those who obey the words of Jesus. When those who obey Jesus die here on earth, they will live again with God. That is why Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you ... Do not be troubled, do not be full of fear." (John 14:27)

Therefore, we do not need to have troubled thoughts. Why is this true? This is true because we have Jesus to walk along side of us through life. Jesus is with us in the good times. And, Jesus is with us in the bad times. With Jesus near us, we do not need to fear. Jesus said that He will give us peace.

Now, let me tell you how Jesus is able to be with us at all times.

Jesus is the only person in history that is able to say he will be with us at all times. Jesus was not able to control difficult conditions at all times. Some friends believed that Jesus had lost his mind. Some friends left him. Other people that followed Jesus refused to follow Jesus anymore. 

Judas followed Jesus and acted like a friend.  However, Judas gave Jesus over to bad religious leaders. These religious leaders then gave Jesus over to bad leaders in government with great power. These bad men in government took Jesus before a judge. The bad religious leaders told lies against Jesus. These bad religious leaders said that Jesus was an enemy against the government. This was a lie. Jesus never wanted to do away with the government. A judge convicted Jesus of trying to overthrow the government. This judge made a bad decision to kill Jesus.

However, before that time, God told Jesus that he was to die. So, Jesus prayed when God the Father told him that he was to die. At that time, Jesus said, "not my will be done but your will be done." (Matthew 26:39) So, Jesus did not speak evil against these leaders.

Then the leaders in power nailed Jesus to a wooden cross and he died there. Before Jesus died, he asked God to forgive these bad people. God wanted Jesus to show the world that it is better to experience pain, than to hate people.

After Jesus died, friends put his body in a place for dead people. After Jesus was dead for three days, God chose to bring Jesus back to life.  Many people saw Jesus alive after he had been dead.

Today, we can have peace. God promises that everyone who believes in Jesus and depends on Jesus can have a new life. God also promises that after we die, God will give us a new body.

Today, God will give you peace in your mind also when you believe in Jesus.

Will you ask God to give you peace this minute? Will you begin at this time to depend on Jesus?

Without Jesus, you do not know what tomorrow may bring. However, with Jesus you know that there will be peace in your mind whatever may come your way!

At this time, I encourage you to make a decision to depend on and believe in Jesus.  You will never be sorry that you made the decision. Now, to show that you are serious about your decision to follow Jesus, please repeat the following prayer with me:

Dear Jesus, please ask the heavenly father to forgive me of all of my bad acts, and bring peace. Jesus, give me a new life that will never end. I give my will to you.  I ask that you take control of my life. Please take my troubled thoughts and replace these thoughts with your perfect peace.

Thank you. Now, please click on the response button below in order for us help you in your new journey.

* Anxiety is not a Basic/Easy English word