Daniel Introduction Part 4

Part 4

Daniel Introduction

So far in the Book of Daniel we have covered quite a bit of Daniel's life and many of his encounters with the Babylonians.

In chapter 7, God gave Daniel a vision of four great beasts, representing four kingdoms that would rise from the earth. Daniel also saw "one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven" (7:13). The "son of man" is our Lord Jesus, and He will rule over all the earth. His kingdom "will be an everlasting kingdom, and all rulers will worship and obey him" (7:27).

In chapter 8 the Lord gave Daniel a vision of a ram with two horns and a goat. The two-horned ram represented the kings of Media and Persia (8:20). The shaggy goat represented the king of Greece (8:21). Four kingdoms would emerge from his nation but would not have the same power. Verses 23-25 tell of a completely wicked king who would become very strong and would destroy many, even taking his stand against the "Prince of princes." The Lord told Daniel, "'Seal up the vision, for it concerns the distant future'" (8:26).

In chapter 9, during the first year of the reign of King Darius, Daniel prayed and confessed his sins and Israel's sins. Read verses 4-19 very carefully.

God sent the angel Gabriel to give Daniel insight and understanding (9:21-22). Gabriel told Daniel of the "seventy sevens," which represent 0 years. The prophecy pertains to Israel, the Messiah (the "Anointed One"), Jerusalem and a "ruler who will come" (9:24-27). Read these verses carefully and prayerfully.

In chapter 10 a revelation was given to Daniel concerning a great war. In chapter 11 Daniel received the interpretation of his vision, which concerned four empires. The prophecies in verses 36-45 pertain to the distant future, the "time of the end."

In chapter 12 the angel told Daniel of a future resurrection (12:2). "'Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever'" (12:3).

God gave Daniel a great deal of knowledge about the end times. You may want to sit down with someone who has an understanding of the Bible and read chapters 10 through 12 together. Pray and ask the Lord to open your heart.

Carefully read chapters 7 through 12, and then fill in the blanks on the worksheet and on the "Go to the Word" sheet. May God bless you as you study His Word.

By: Warren Simmons