Open Access Journals in Five Disciplines

Biblical Studies, Religion, and Theology[3]

Scientific Electronic Library Online  Acta Theologica   ISSN: 10158758   Year started: 2009   University of the Free State (South Africa)" target="_blank">American Theological Inquiry   ISSN: 19422709 Year started: 2008

Approaching Religion   ISSN: 17993121   Year started: 2011

Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies   ISSN: 01188534   Year started: 1998;parentid=54

Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (Philippines)[4]" target="_blank">Australian e-Journal of Theology  ISSN: 14486326   Year started: 2003
Australian Catholic University" target="_blank">Common Ground Journal   ISSN: 15479129   Year started 2003

Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research  ISSN: 15231216
Year started: 1997

Denver Journal: An Online Review of Current Biblical and Theological Studies   ISSN: d0000900   Year started: 1998   Denver Seminary

Harvard Divinity Bulletin   ISSN: 00178047
Year started: 2001   Harvard Divinity School

Homiletic: A Review of Publications in Religious Communication
ISSN: 07380534   Year started: 2008

Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics   ISSN: 19238185
Year started: 2010

HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies
ISSN: 02599422   Year started: 2002

Journal for Christian Theological Research
ISSN: 10871624   Year started: 1996

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures   ISSN: 12031542   Year started: 1996
University of Alberta

Journal of Latin American Hermeneutics   ISSN: 16682610
Year started: 2004   Instituto Universitario (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Journal of Southern Religion   ISSN: 10945253   Year started: 1998
West Virginia University

Practical Matters   ISSN: 21552355   Year started: 2009

Religions   ISSN: 20771444   Year started: 2010

Review of Biblical Literature   ISSN: 10990046   Year started: 1970
(Not a journal: RBL provides extensive book reviews of Bible-related texts)

Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion
ISSN: d0000989   Year started: 1999   Rutgers University

Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations   ISSN: 19303777
Year started: 2005   Boston College Libraries and Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism   ISSN: 10897747   Year started: 1996

Theological Librarianship   ISSN: 19378904  Year started: 2008



Adult Education and Development   ISSN: 03427633   Year started: 2000;k=-3&%20d=2004-04

African Symposium, The   ISSN: TX6342323   Year started: 2001

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology   ISSN: 13240781   Year started: 1985

Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology   ISSN: 14465442   Year started: 2001   School of Education—University of Newcastle (Australia)

Canadian Journal of Higher Education   ISSN: 03161218   Year Started: 2007

Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology   ISSN: 14996677
Year started: 2002

Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education   ISSN: 03189090   Year started: 2009

Christian Perspectives in Education   ISSN: 2159807X
Year started: 2007   Liberty University

College Quarterly, The   ISSN: 11954353   Year started: 1993
Seneca College (Canada)

Current Issues in Comparative Education
ISSN: 15231615   Year started: 1998   Teachers College—Columbia University

Education Review   ISSN: 10945296   Year started: 2002
College of Education—Arizona State University  (Book review and essay articles only)

Educause Quarterly   ISSN: 15285324   Year started: 2000

European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults
ISSN: 20007426   Year started: 2010   Linköping University (Sweden)

Higher Education Perspectives   ISSN: 17101530
Year started: 2004   University of Toronto (Canada)

InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies   ISSN: 15483320   Year started: 2004   Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

International Education Journal   ISSN: 14431475   Year started: 1999

International Journal for Educational Integrity
ISSN: 18332595   Year started: 2005

International Journal of Multicultural Education
ISSN: 19345267   Year started: 2007   Eastern University

Journal of Academic and Business Ethics   ISSN: 1941336X
Year started: 2009.

Journal of Distance Education   ISSN: 08300445   Year started: 1986

Journal of Education for International Development
ISSN: 15542262   Year started: 2005

Journal of Educational Enquiry   ISSN: 14445530
Year started: 2000   Centre for Research in Education—University of South Africa (UNISA)

Journal of Extension   ISSN: 00220140   Year started: 1978

Journal of Learning Design   ISSN: 18328342   Year started: 2005
Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice   ISSN: 14499789
Year started: 2004   University of Wollongong (Australia)

New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development   ISSN: 19394225
Year started: 1987   Florida International University

Radical Pedagogy   ISSN: 15275558   Year started: 1999

Reflecting Education   ISSN: 17469082
Year started: 2005   Institute of Education—University of London (UK)

South African Journal of Education
ISSN 02560100   Year started: 1981   North-West University (South Africa)

Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development
ISSN: 18322050   Year started: 2004   Central Queensland University (Australia)



Academic Leadership   ISSN: 15337812   Year started: 2000" target="_blank">Advancing Women in Leadership   ISSN: 10937099
Year started: 1997

Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy
ISSN: 12077798   Year started: 1995   Faculty of Education—University of Manitoba (Canada)

E Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership
ISSN: d0000925   Year started: 2002

Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies   ISSN: 12392685
Year started: 1996

Emerging Leadership Journeys   ISSN: 19414684
Year started: 2008   Regent University School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Inner Resources for Leaders   Year started: 2009   ISSN: 19422989   Regent University School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship

International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning
ISSN: 12069620   Year started: 1997 (inactive)   University of Calgary Press (Canada)

International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership ISSN: 15555062   Year started: 2006   Simon Fraser University and George Mason University

International Journal of Leadership Studies   ISSN: 15543145   Year started: 2005
Regent University School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship

International Journal of Teacher Leadership   ISSN: 19349726
Year started: 2008 (temporarily inactive)   California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management

ISSN: 19300158   Year started: 1999

Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership
ISSN: 19414692   Year started: 2008
Regent University School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Journal of Leadership Education   ISSN: 15529045
Year started: 2002

Journal of Management and Strategy   ISSN: 19233965
Year started: 2010

M@n@gement   ISSN: 12864892   Year started: 1998

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
ISSN: 15563847   Year started: 1998   State University of West Georgia

Research and Practice in Human Resource Management   ISSN: 02185180
Year started: 1993   Curtin Business School—Curtin University and the Singapore Human Resources Institute


Missions, Anthropology, and Cross-Cultural Studies

African Sociological Review   ISSN: 10274332   Year started: 2006

African Studies Quarterly: The Online Journal for African Studies
ISSN: 10932658   Year started: 1999   University of Florida

Akademika   ISSN: 01265008   Year started: 2006
Universiti Kebangsaan (Malaysia)

Anthropological Notebooks
ISSN: 1408032X   Year started: 2006

Anthropological Review   ISSN: 18986773
Year started: 2007   Versita Open University (Poland)

Anthropology Matters Journal   ISSN: 17586453
Year started: 1999

Antrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology   ISSN: 19732880   Year started: 2005

Asian Social Science   ISSN: 19112017   Year started: 2008

Canadian Journal of African Studies
ISSN: 19233051   Year started: 1967

Childhood in Africa: An Interdisciplinary Journal
ISSN: 19486502   Year started: 2009   Ohio University

Cross-Cultural Communication   ISSN: 17128358
Year started: 2005   Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture

Culture and Society: Journal of Social Research   ISSN: 20294573
Year started: 2010   Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)

ISSN: 20796595   Year started: 2010  (formerly International Journal on Multicultural Societies)

Durham Anthropological Journal   ISSN: 17422930
Year started: 2004   Department of Anthropology–University of Durham (UK)

Ethne: Online Journal for Pentecostal and Missional Leadership   ISSN: 2071940X   Year started: not stated   All Nations Theological Seminary (Malawi)

Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory   ISSN: 15305228   Year started: 1999

Journal of Asia Pacific Studies
ISSN: 19480091   Year started: 2009

Journal of Asian Missions;parentid=54   ISSN: 01193228
Year started: 1999   Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (Philippines)

Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics   ISSN: 17366518
Year started: 2007   University of Tartu (Estonia)

Journal of Intercultural Communication   ISSN: 14041634
Year started: 1999

Journal of International Women’s Studies   ISSN: 15398706
Year started: 2000   Bridgewater State University (Massachusetts)

Journal of Pan African Studies   ISSN: 08886601   Year started: 1987

Journal of Religion and Popular Culture   ISSN: d0000983
Year started: 2002   Religious Studies Faculty—University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Journal of Religion and Society   ISSN: 15225658   Year started: 1999
Creighton University

Journal of World Christianity
ISSN: 19431538   Year started: 2008   New York Theological Seminary

Michigan Discussions in Anthropology   ISSN: 01937804
Year started: 1971   University of Michigan

Middle East Studies   ISSN: 21099618   Year started: 2009

Oral Tradition   ISSN: 08835365   Year started: 1986

Quotidian: Dutch Journal for the Study of Everyday Life   ISSN: 1879534X
Year started: 2009   Amsterdam University (Netherlands)

Studies in Gender and Development in Africa   ISSN: 08559449
Year started: 2007

Studies in Social Justice   ISSN: 19114788
Year started: 2007   University of Windsor (Canada)

Studies of Tribes and Tribals;%20T/T%20&%20T-00-0-000-000-2003-Web/T%20&%20T-00-0-000-000-2003-1-Cover.htm   ISSN: 0972639X   Year started: 2003

Transcience: A Journal of Global Studies   ISSN: 21911150
Year started: 2010

Transit   ISSN: 15519627   Year started: 2005
Department of German—University of California at Berkeley

Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies
ISSN: 21505802   Year started: 2009   University of California at Los Angeles


Research Journals

AIDS Research and Treatment   ISSN: 20901240   Year Started: 2010

Australian Educational Researcher   ISSN: 03116999
Year started: 2003

Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research   ISSN: 15231216
Year started: 1997

Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology   ISSN: 16962095   Year started: 2003
University of Almeria (Spain)

Forum: Qualitative Social Research   ISSN: 14385627
Year started: 2000

International Journal of Qualitative Methods
ISSN: 16094069   Year started: 2002   University of Alberta

Journal of Educational and Social Research   ISSN 22400524   Year started: 2011;view=category&layout=blog&id=34&Itemid=70

Journal of Research Practice   ISSN: 1712851X   Year started: 2005
Athabasca University (Canada)

Qualitative Report, The   ISSN: 10520147
Year started: 1990   School of Social and Systemic Studies—Nova Southeastern University

Qualitative Studies   ISSN: 19037031
Year started: 2010   Aalborg University (Denmark)

Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology
ISSN: 1892042X   Year started: 2010

Survey Research Methods   ISSN: 18643361   Year started: 2007

Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry   ISSN: 13096591
Year started: 2010

[1]Journals listed here appear in the Directory of Open-Access Journals (DOAJ) or are known by the editors.  All listed in this document are published only in English, or English is the first of only two languages (e.g., English and French).  A listing of French-language journals is available at the end of this document.

[2]All links (120 total) were tested on October 24, 2011.  In some cases, the url addresses in the DOAJ are outdated and were updated in this document.

[3]Journals listed in this document have not been screened for content or theological position (with some exceptions).  Inclusion in this document does not equate to our endorsement as editors of all content.  The reader should use sound judgment when reviewing any article.

[4]The nation in which the university publishing the journal is located will be cited parenthetically is outside the USA and if not obvious in the journal’s title.