Christina Paul

Christina PaulThe young Indian Christian singer/composer/songwriter Christina Paul smiles as she talks about her life.
"I am so amazed by the perfect plan that God has laid out for my life....anything more or less would be a step out of His plan. He continues to surprise me as He turns every new page in my book...!"

Born in India to parents who were Christian recording artists, Christina began traveling with them throughout the country singing at a very young age. "I gave my first performance when I was four years old, singing an Indian Christmas song."

Christina Paul delivers an inspiring album based on scriptures and personal events that changed her life and shares what it means to live fully surrendered to Christ. This amazing young artist will be a blessing to all. Her incredible vocals, soul-stirring performances and inspiring testimony will touch lives.

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christinapaul50Surrender (2007):

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01. You Are Everything
02. Lay It Down
03. You Are Holy
04. Am I Good Enough?
05. Surrender
06. I Wanna Be Like Him
07. Let It Go
08. Search Me (Psalm 139)
09. I Am Free
10. Gethsemane