Terry Clark

terry_clark2 Terry Clark's spiritual roots run deep in the Gospel message and music, but Terry went through a period of time sampling many lifestyles. Finally burned out, he pushed away from reality, humiliated to be a human being. In that condition he heard one voice. The voice was familiar. It was his childhood friend, Jesus.

The love of Jesus transformed Terry. He was restored as his dependencies shifted to the One who had answered the question, is there a reason for this life? A life of intimacy with his "Big Brother" began. Terry's bluesy vocals draw his listeners into this intimacy. His songs are simply windows through which one can see and participate in that private relationship.

For more information, please visit Terry Clark's Website at www.catalystpeople.com
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prize50The Prize:
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believe50Only Believe:
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01. The Prize
02. The Face Of Your Mercy
03. So Thankful
04. At Calvary
05. Make A Noise
06. Let's Have A Good Time
07. Dawn Will Come
08. Let's Talk About Jesus
09. SomeOne's Takin Care O'That
10. Jesus Is At The Wheel
11. Love Like You
01. God You're So Good
02. High And Lifted Up
03. Oh Lord I Love You
04. We've Come To Worship
05. Hear The Heavens
06. Grateful
07. When I Consider
08. The Lord Almighty Reigns
09. Stand On The Rock
10. Only Believe
11. Softly and Tenderly

worship50Living Worship & Let's Worship
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Living Worship: Play this Album Let's Worship: Play this Album
01. Throne Of Grace
02. Jesus Look Down
03. Thank You Jesus
04. Free Us
05. Nobody Like You
06. Fill Me
07. Just Keep It
08. Psalm 151
09. Hear The Hallelujas Ring
10. I Remember
01. Let's Worship
02. Dear Lord
03. I Am Yours
04. You're All My Life
05. These Are The Gates
06. You're My Lord God
07. Give Thanks
08. Moses' Song
09. I'm Gonna Sing His Praises
10. God You're So Good