Jerome Madigan

Jerome MadiganArtist's Vision - Jerome aspires to create authentic, honest, and timeless music.  His songs have catchy guitar-driven melodies and challenging ideas.  He hopes to express universal truth which every person has the capacity to understand, even if only on a subconscious level.  Some songs convey his personal thoughts and feelings;  others reflect his sentiments about the world that grow from his Christian faith.  Jerome writes songs for a variety of audiences.  He's comfortable rocking a bar or club as well as leading his congregation in an original composition as music director at a large Bay area church. 

Jerome's Bio:  Jerome began playing guitar and singing at age 13 when he got his first 4-track recorder. Jerome grew up in a musical family where his father was a professional musician who had been playing and recording for as long as Jerome can remember. As a freshman in high school, Jerome's youth pastor invited him to join a Christian rock band called "Echoplex."  That band evolved into a ska/alt rock group named Nifty Tom 50, who went on to record and release 3 albums. Nifty toured extensively including performances at the Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood, The Red Devil Lounge, SF CA, Great America in San Jose CA, and the massive Spirit West Coast festival in Monterey, CA.  The band also opened several dates for Switchfoot.  Jerome started as a solo artist with the release of his 2006 EP "Waiting in Line."  He released his first full length album "Instructions for Deconstruction" in early 2008 on SF Bay Area indie label Eden Records. 

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Instructions50Instructions for Deconstruction (2008) :
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Waiting.In.Line50Waiting In Line (2006) :
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01. King of Glory
02. No One Higher
03. Surrounded
04. You Are Great
05. Sunshine
06. Surrender
07. Immerse
08. The Sounds of Freedom
09. Holy Are You Lord
10. Breathe
11. Beautiful
01. Favorite Song
02. American Made
03. Sunshine
04. Immerse
05. Sat On a Roof
06. You Are Great