Leadership Matters

    A tall, well-dressed man enters the room. His captivating smile and verbal charm bring an enchanting response from the crowd. His dark suit, yellow tie and polished-to-a-shine shoes make a good first impression. He may be dressed to impress, but it will take more than style and poise to be a truly successful leader according to God's standards.

    It matters who is in leadership.

It matters who leads our nation. It matters who leads in our churches. It matters who leads in our families. Leadership matters. Proverbs 14:34 says, "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."

    This is proven many times in the Old Testament. When a godly king was in power, righteousness prevailed. When a sinful king was in power, evil was rampant. It matters to God, and it should matter to the believer who is in authority on all levels of leadership. From the president in the Oval Office to the leaders on the home front, God's Word emphasizes the importance of leadership.

    There are many things we can do to bring about righteous rule at the various levels of authority. The first thing we are to do is pray. If Spirit-filled believers will begin to pray for righteousness to prevail we will see things change in our world. Romans 13:1 says that all authority is established by God. It is our responsibility to pray for our president, senators, congressmen and federal judges. We must pray that God surrounds them with godly counsel so that they are in agreement with the plans and purposes of God as He leads this nation.

    Complaints and criticisms are routinely verbalized about our leaders in civil service. But if we will lift our hearts in prayer every time the subject arises we will see God move among our leaders. When we are catching up on the news headlines we can speak out a prayer that God would give supernatural wisdom and guidance to those in leadership.

    We are to lift our pastors and ministry leaders to the Lord in prayer also.

This can become habit, something we do automatically. As we enter the church building for corporate worship we can make it our custom to pray a prayer of blessing over our church leaders. Lifting them to God will do two things. It will bring a blessing to those for whom we are praying and it will develop and increase our own love and respect for those in leadership. This kind of attitude toward leadership is pleasing to God.

    James 5:16 (Amplified Bible) says, "The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]."

    Our downfall is that we are oblivious to the real power of prayer. In the natural world people with money have power and influence to bring about change. In the sight of God and in His spiritual realm those who pray are those who have the greatest power and influence in the world. I've heard it said, "What we achieve in the spirit realm will be manifest in the natural realm."

    So we are to exercise the authority God has given us through the power of prayer and allow our prayers to change the course of our government, our towns, our churches and our families. Too many believers have lost sight of the power available to them through prayer. Prayer is the venue God uses to work out His plans and purposes in this world. 

    When God created Adam and Eve He gave them authority and dominion over everything (see Genesis 1:26). Satan, the father of all lies, has convinced the believer that he has no authority, and moreover, he induces us to believe that he is the one with the authority. Oftentimes he points to the fall of man as the means by which the authority of man was revoked. However, there is no place in Scripture where we read that God revoked the authority given to man originally. God's plan for man to rule and dominate the earth never changed. In fact after man fell God had a plan for redemption to ultimately restore man to his rightful place by way of the Cross.

    There are those who might argue that man's authority will be restored someday but not until we are in heaven. What will we need our authority for then? Everything is perfect in heaven. God is in charge there. There's no sin, sickness, or sorrow. We won't need our authority there. God meant for man to be in charge down here in the earthly sphere and His plans have not changed just because Satan entered into the picture. If anything, God will be glorified to a greater measure as His marvelous redemption power is made manifest in our lives though His Son Jesus.

    Leadership does matter. And we as praying believers have the ultimate influence on those in leadership, through the power of prayer. As we prayerfully speak over those in leadership and are faithful to be God's agents of power in this world we will see the miraculous take place. We will see a godly nation restored to righteousness. We will see our churches rise to a whole new level, thereby impacting our families and communities.