Sunday School Holds Untapped Power and Opportunity

Awakening the Sleeping Giant, written by Rob Burkhart, is the most recent staff training book from the national Sunday School Department and Gospel Publishing House. Burkhart, Michigan District Christian education director, wants to revolutionize everything you think you know about Sunday School. He maintains that church leaders need to come to view Sunday School as it really is--a giant of untapped power and opportunity.

What is the basis for Burkhart's position? Sunday School teaches God's Word, and God uses His Word to change people's lives. Over 90 per cent of Assemblies of God churches report having a Sunday School ministry. If we begin to view Sunday School for what it can be--the primary vehicle for Christian development--Sunday School will promote spiritual health and vitality in our churches. Burkhart asserts that without Sunday School a church may never meet its full potential.

Awakening the Sleeping Giant is designed to help churches revitalize the ministry of Sunday School in order to see students of all ages transformed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. It is about optimizing your Sunday School from the ground up--from the way it is viewed by church members to how it is implemented by Sunday School teachers.

Burkhart suggests ways to develop a vigorous, relevant Sunday School ministry. Your Sunday School staff will learn how to: coach and befriend students; reach the lost; help students grow passionate about God and others; equip people of all ages for ministry; and unite your congregation in love, loyalty, and mission.

A multimedia kit includes everything you need: English leader guide with workshop outlines and reproducible age-level handouts; English student guide; and CD with English and Spanish PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and Spanish leader guide. For ordering information, go to

Clancy Hayes is training coordinator and district liaison for the Sunday School Department, Springfield, Missouri. Sunday School. All rights reserved. Used with permission.